How Saving Money can Motivate the Elderly to be Heart Healthy

A new study from Harvard shows that we all knew that boosting cardiovascular health was good for our long-term prognosis, but we didn’t realize it was good for our fiscal fitness, too. Tracking results from 2005, researchers determined that Medicare spending on cardiovascular disease is way down. This means that seniors are getting the message that heart health is important, and now they can get the message that a healthy heart will save you money on costly medical insurance bills, too! Read more about this cool study here:

Fueled by this exciting new research, why not approach the senior you love and care for, who has been a teensy bit stubborn about eating better and moving more? Sometimes things that impact the bank account are what push us to behave differently. Of course, if “I can’t afford a gym membership or personal trainer” comes hurled toward you, have the simple response of, “walking is free and all you need are a supportive pair of sneakers.” You might be surprised, in a couple months, your silver senior may be shopping on for workout clothes because they are so into an exercise groove!

Another potential barrier to senior health is a healthy diet, and another excuse to eating right is money-related. You may be hearing, “It’s more expensive to eat healthy!” Well, most experts think that excuse is a bunch of baloney. Some finance whizzes say it only costs $1.50/day more to eat healthy vs. unhealthily. And others say it doesn’t cost more at the checkout line to pay for healthier options. Here’s more info on the grocery store reality:

So, no matter what the financial excuse may be, you are now armed with information and comebacks to protect the heart health of the senior you love and care for with all your heart.