National Caregivers Day

National Caregivers’ Day was celebrated on the third Friday in February. This day of honor was conceived in 2016, with the intent to recognize caregivers who strive to provide quality, compassionate care every day. There are so many wonderful caregivers out there! At Granny Nannies, we aim to pair the best professional in-home caregivers with the clients and families who need help. And when it’s a good fit, everyone is happier and less stressed.

So be sure to give an extra dose of gratitude to those special folks who work in hospice, long-term care, or those who take on a caregiving role for someone in their family. Hey, if that means you are thanking YOURSELF, treat yourself to something that makes you smile. (Try watching the classic “Treat Yo Self” episode from Parks and Rec!)

Although National Caregivers Day is not as popular as say, National Donut Day, we think this day is a long-overdue to acknowledge the dedicated, compassionate people who work as caregivers or have a caregiving role in their family. Here are a few ways to honor extra-special caregivers:

  • Bring them a yummy meal with some of their favorite foods or some home-baked goods.
  • Put it in writing. A note or card of appreciation goes a long way.
  • Get them a gift card from a store you know they’ll enjoy.
  • Give them the day or a shift off.
  • Let the supervisor know if a caregiver has made a big difference with their quality care.
  • Use the hashtag on social media #nationalcaregiversday