Glaucoma is on the rise

January is chock-a-block filled with important health awareness campaigns such as Blood Donor Month, National Volunteer Blood Donor Month, Cervical Health Awareness Month, Thyroid Awareness Month, National Birth Defects Prevention Month and National Glaucoma Awareness Month. It’s also a month filled with ridiculous days such as, Appreciate a Dragon Day and International Skeptics Day, whatever Read More

New Year, New Habits series: Organizing medications and vitamins

If your Mom or Dad is getting confused easily or is a potential episode of Hoarders on A&E, it’s time to intervene and make their life less stress, and consequently yours. Plus, medication errors are no joke, including not taking medication because you can’t find it or taking the wrong medication. Let’s get started by Read More

Fraudsters Targeting the Elderly on the Rise

Financial scams targeting seniors have become so prevalent; the FBI has added it to their website The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Common Fraud Schemes web page provides tips on how you can protect you and your family from fraud. Fraudsters tend to target elderly people with all kinds of schemes, taking advantage of their Read More