Signs your loved one may need home health care

When a parent or other loved reaches a time in life when they become infirm, you may want to do everything in your power to care for them properly. However, in today’s world, many people are busy with jobs or families of their own that make it difficult to ensure that an elder has all the tending they need. Home care agencies offer a way to provide extra care for elders, with a variety of services that meet their individual needs. Here are a few common signs that indicate your loved may need home health care.

Frequent Falls

One of the most frightening situations often encountered by those with elderly relatives falls that can cause head injuries, hip fractures and other severe medical issues. Sometimes, the problem is muscle weakness, inner ear problems or medications that cause elders to have impaired balance and frequent falls. Having a home health caregiver on hand to escort them in their daily actions to reduce the risk of falls that can often can have serious consequences in the elderly.

Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Family members often suspect an elder has Alzheimer’s or dementia long before an official diagnosis. There may be episodes of confusion, chaotic financial affairs or frightening problems of “getting lost.” When the diagnosis is finally made, you may be uncertain about the best way to care for your loved one. Many elders want to stay in their own homes, and family members may be concerned that a change to a care facility will cause significant disorientation. Home health care workers are trained to deal with elderly individuals with dementia, and can provide safety and nurturing care. Home health caregivers can ensure the elder eats properly, takes medication on time and is closely attended when they leave the house.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is a common problem in the elderly that can prevent them from managing everyday tasks, such as making meals, cleaning or laundry. It can also make driving or simple acts like going shopping alone inadvisable. Even medications taken for heart problems can have side effects that make it hard to perform these tasks safely. If your elderly loved one has a heart problem, a home health caregiver can help with these tasks, as well as personal care to ensure they are properly bathed, clothed and groomed. Home health caregivers can also provide transportation for doctor’s appointments and errands, monitoring them carefully when they are away from home. Home health care can be an effective solution, providing proper care for elderly loved ones with health problems and providing peace of mind for family members.

Feeling Unable to Provide Adequate Care

Caring for an elderly family member can become overwhelming, as their health problems or failing abilities require greater time and concern for their needs. You may have a job that involves long hours or changing schedules that make it difficult for you to provide the care your elder needs. You may worry about whether your loved one is eating properly and managing their grooming. Fortunately, a home health care agency can help, with reliable care when you need it.

Having a loved one that is showing signs of frailty or mental impairment can cause increased worry about their health and safety. And yet, your time and energy may be stretched to the limit, as well. If your parent or spouse is beginning to show signs of needing more care, home caregivers can help to ensure individuals receive the regular monitoring and support they need to feel comfortable, safe and well cared for. Granny Nannies can help to ensure elders in Orlando and surrounding areas receive the friendly and compassionate care they need.