Keeping the Holidays Happy for the Elderly

The holidays are stressful for many of us—our sleeping, eating and exercising routines can be thrown amuck due to long to-do lists, overindulgent parties, not enough time to shop for and prepare nutritious meals, and lack of time and energy for workouts. That’s why it’s important for caregivers to stick to their healthy habits as much as possible during the holidays, regardless of the challenges. When caregivers feel good, we are better equipped to help our beloved elderly family and friends cope with their own unique holiday struggles. It’s common for older folks to get upset during the holidays when they have recently lost a good friend, sibling or loved one. The loss can feel much deeper and more painful when the holidays are in full swing. If you notice that your elderly relative is down in the dumps, try to spark conversations about the holidays of yesteryear. Bust out the photos, the decorations, the recipes, whatever it takes to get the fond memories flowing. Honoring the memories, with the loved ones they mourn taking center stage in the narratives, is a great way to stave off depression. This is not a one and done effort, however. For maximum efficacy, holiday check ins with the elderly should be more than other times of year, to make spirits bright. For more help caring for your aging relative, reach out to Granny Nannies at

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