Cheers to a non-boozy holiday with your seniors


Pomegranate margaritas, mulled wine, hot buttered rum, eggnog…holiday cocktails can add an extra layer of festivity and fun to your family and friends’ gatherings, but there can be Grinch-like side effects on your elderly guests. Here’s some food for thought about holiday drinks:


  1. Aging guests might already be the opposite of merry and bright during the holidays, and adding alcohol, a known depressant, to the mix is almost guaranteeing a scene of the unsavory type.
  2. Uncle Bud may no longer be able to drink his beers without throwing off his balance. Some side effects of drinking mimic symptoms of aging, like a lack of balance. It’s possible that a family member who was always able to hold their booze, just can’t anymore as they hit their upper decades.
  3. Alcohol affects us differently as we age, and in some older folks, it means that they feel a little high from it. This high can make them more susceptible to falling and possibly breaking fragile bones.
  4. When aging brings health problems, such as liver damage, diabetes, and heart conditions, adding a stiff drink may seem innocent, until it triggers a bad reaction with a medication that Aunt Mary is taking or raises her blood pressure. Read here for more on alcohol and elder-care safety:

So, how to save a party and keep it jolly? Try some mocktails: sparkling apple cider is super easy; good old Shirley Temples are a crowd pleasure (and can be made with sugar free soda)  For 20 more alcohol-free holiday cup fillers, read this link