Top Ten Reasons it’s great to be a baby boomer

Aw, man, don’t y’all really miss David Letterman and his Late Night top 10 lists right about now? Well, our list of Baby Boomer perks is no joke. There are actually way more than 10 benefits to being born between the years of 1946 and 1964, such as your generation has experienced of abundant varieties of food, clothing styles, peak levels of income, and retirement programs. In many cases, Boomers have raised their kids, had a career and are nearing retirement. During this season of life, savor the carefree days that can come with aging gracefully. We’re liking this positive vibe, so let’s keep it going with our top ten list now:

  1. One thing that makes this group so interesting is their confidence in the future. During their lifetimes, they watched businesses grow and become profitable. They watched labor unions to help to improve working conditions for people. And, they saw wages rise. They also saw schools become more accessible.
  2. Baby Boomers were able to build their own homes in towns with commutable distances to cities. It was more affordable to buy a home, build a home, and access the funds to do so through the GI Bill. For the first time, there were recreational spaces meant for fun such as “family rooms.”
  3. 40% of Boomers have a“work until I drop” attitude according to an AARP survey. This “hard work pays off” ethic translates to our youth culture in athletics and academia as effort is more important than talent.
  4. Since owning a home was the ultimate benchmark of success, it follows that volunteering to creating a safe, welcoming and interesting community surrounding your home is important. Volunteerism and community service matters to Boomers.
  5. Boomers are typically more about the “we” than “me.” You definitely want a Boomer on your team, as they often look for positive and pleasant ways to communicate and are adaptable and goal-oriented.
  6. With downtime to reinvent who they are and what they want to pursue, Boomers have options to take continuing ed at a local college, to learn computer skills at the library, or take new and challenging fitness classes.
  7. Freedom. After so many years of working hard and watching the clock, Boomers have more time to pick and choose what they enjoy. Why not go to the movies in the middle of the day? Reclaim your time!
  8. Downsizing. Even though Boomers worked their butts off to afford the big status symbol home, they can be reasoned with to get rid of clutter and extra rooms that they no longer need. Pairing down to a smaller living space that suits their new lifestyle is sensible.
  9. Bargains. Who doesn’t love a good deal or discount? At age 55, many places such as restaurants, retail shops, and airlines, will slash prices for Boomers.
  10. Wisdom. With wrinkles, age spots and silver streaks in their hair, Boomers also gain a ton of wisdom. Hard-won perspective from life experience and lessons, Boomers have survived and overcome hardships and are there to tell others about it.