Why Alzheimer’s patients are great for in-home care

Alzheimer’s Home Care Orlando, FLHearing an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is one of the most heartbreaking moments of your life. Your brain is flooding with questions about doctors, treatments and ongoing care. You are not alone. There are 44 million people across the globe who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it ranks sixth in the United States as the leading cause of death.

Our company is focused on helping patients with this disease live a happy, productive life. We are qualified to address your questions and provide a care plan that meets the needs of your loved one. Alzheimer’s patients are perfect candidates for in-home senior care and keeping them out of a facility will help their overall health and future.

In-home Care Provides Comfort

Providing in-home care will help your loved one remain comfortable in familiar surroundings. Those who deal with this type of condition understand that familiarity and routine is incredibly important in ongoing Alzheimer’s care. Our caregivers can create a customized care plan that establishes routine and activities that make them feel secure, comfortable and loved.

In-home Care Keeps Them Safe

Alzheimer’s patients can forget important things, like whether they took their medicine. They can also wander off and forget where they live as their condition worsens. Some even attempt to drive, forgetting they aren’t supposed to anymore. All of these are dangerous for them and possibly others.

Our personal caregivers are there to help them through the day, watch over them and make sure they stay safe while providing dignity and respect.

In-home Care Keeps Them Healthy

Our in-home caregivers provide for needs that helps keep your loved one healthy. That includes basic housekeeping that maintains a healthy environment, meal preparation that ensures they have nutritious food, and hygiene care that keeps them from getting things like wound infections or transmitted illnesses.

Our company provides caregivers who are well qualified to recognize changes and symptoms that could be a undiagnosed health issue. Reporting observations to family members could mean the difference in an early diagnosis with easier treatment options rather than a hospital stay with more invasive options after the illness gets serious.

In-home Care Keeps Them Active

One of the best ways to help Alzheimer’s patients combat effects of the disease is to keep them active. Our caretakers can structure time for them to participate in their favorite hobbies as well as games and activities that prolong memory. Puzzles, card and board games, art and crafts are all a part of a plan to improve their lives and long-term health. This also helps you, as a family member, chart their diagnosis and note any significant changes to discuss with their doctor.

We provide in home service which caters specifically to Alzheimer patients.  We focus on each patient and their positive qualities. It makes the best use of the abilities they have and helps them live a life with purpose at home.  Our caregivers identify with various aspects of aging that include both normal aging that includes dementia, so caregivers can target abilities within the patient’s spectrum. It brings positive attitudes into the lives of these patients, which then improves their quality of life.

Providing professional in-home care for your loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will help relieve your stress as well. This will take a huge burden off your shoulders and allow you a chance to breathe and think. You will know we will provide for their needs, so you can focus on enjoying every moment with them. That will bring smiles to both of you and leave you with wonderful memories.